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The Mix Tank

now see here gentlemen, there's no fighting in the war room!

7/26/08 11:58 am - danniisupernova

Hey all (again)! I want to put together a mix master list, of all the mixes our members have done, fandom related or not. Post your links here in this format:

Mix Title:
Fandom: (if applicable)

Please get back to me ASAP about this so I can put it together as a resource/inspiration/posterity-BS type thing. And feel free to post new mixes as they happen.

7/25/08 10:52 pm - danniisupernova

Mod here! Pimping a mix com that has only 3 members (me included!) Nothing's been posted yet (I'm looking to change that soon) and if anyone likes Resident Evil (games or movies) go one and join!


On another note, I'd like to open up the floor for thoughts about what you like to see in a fanmix. What draws you in? What interests you?

And, if you would all be so obliging, share your favorite fanmixes. Or just one that sticks out in your memory. :)

7/20/08 10:30 am - danniisupernova

What is everyone's favorite topic for mixes? Why that particular thing or fandom? How does the want to mix strike you?

7/16/08 12:02 am - barunesusa

Lately, I really haven't been into fandom. A lot of my time is now taken up with school, friends, etc. While I occasionally dip into fandom, I'm not a huge follower of any particular one at the moment (except maybe Phoenix Wright).

Therefore, a lot of mixes I've been making have been based on experiences I'm going through. Just out of curiosity, how do you guys feel about these 'life fsts' rather than soundtracks based on a pairing? Do you prefer a story from the person, or just a general compilation of something? I'm rather curious, as for me personally, it makes my day to find a mix that someone made that relates to my life too (and bonus if there's a story behind it).

I'm honestly just curious on thoughts about them.

7/15/08 10:05 pm - zeiss_manifold - FST Suggestion/Request Thread

Here is where we brainstorm ideas for fanmixes we'd either like to see or don't have the time to make ourselves. Post your idea and maybe someone will make it into reality.

Me? Coming off the Rowsdower mix, I'd like to see a Space Mutiny or even a Girl In Gold Boots FST. MST3K gets too little representation in the fanmix community if you ask me.

Anyway, have at you.

7/15/08 08:08 am - danniisupernova

Hey! New discussion post! And remember, you can post here too, with any of your random mix musings.

What is the best way to go about mixing for a book. I've done it a few times (once got good feedback, even though I didn't feel it was my best work) but never quite to my satisfaction. Thoughts?

7/12/08 11:26 am - danniisupernova

Okay, so I would like to get everyone's feelings on not getting any feedback on a mix. In fact, if anyone has a mix they feel like they got very little or no feedback on, I'd like you to post it as a comment to this post so that other people in the community can take a peek and give their two cents. :)

7/8/08 07:27 pm - danniisupernova

Any thoughts on fanmixes for non-canon couples?

ETA: Let me clarify. I, being who I am, love non-canon couples and like very few canon couples. I have done mixes for several non-canon couples (and, I think, only one canon couple). In some cases I've done more then one mix for a couple (as the canon changed or in one case for a fic I had written which already had a soundtrack for when I was writing it). What I mean is, when approaching a fanmix for a non-canon couple, how do you execute it?
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